Quality & Process

Quality & Process

To meet cost expectations and quality make sure you must get a right talent. Congentech developed a start of the quality process with AQS (Adaptive quality system) and you are assured of high standard quality and repeatable across all aspects of staffing processes.



Fulfilment Model

The main process of an advanced ecosystem of processes and tools customize each and every client in a highly developed manner with very high efficiency, state of art and at the end we deliver the engine. Therefore this engine combines the high quality talent and talent management approach to deliver and motivated the work force to you.


We constantly infuse new ides in to our methods and proactive harness systems and process driven efficiency to streamline the staff cycle. We have deployed, pioneered, and automated very special and innovative methods that govern all aspects of the staffing lifecycle.


Quality Control

We make sure to deliver the best service quality and focus on all other facts of the staffing life cycle:

Screening process:

  • In the industry one of the highest submission to placement ratios
  • Selection ratio – One of the high first candidate submitted
  • In the industry low warranty claims


360 Degree Feedback

With our employees and our clients we have instituted 360 degree feedback mechanism to help us constantly build up and to improve all internal process and systems.


Audit & Compliance Team

The audit and compliance team review each and every hire and make sure that no resource can start without meeting all compliance background and requirements checks mandated by our clients.


Monthly & Quarterly Reporting

The clients of Congentech will receive quarterly and monthly reports that are outline performance and the milestone and status as well as flag and identify any challenge.



We regularly share and complies all industry guide reports with each and every client that contain data such as wage and labor benchmarks.