Design Verification

SOCDV Technologies offers wide range of services in complete Design and Verification flow. SOCDV Tech offers expertise in following domains.
• SOC level verification
o Expertise of working on more than 20 Complex SOC's Design & Verification, i.e starting from Spec. to Verification closure
o SOC's across various domains, Mobile, Networking, Wireless, High speed peripherals, etc
o Expertise on all standard subsystems including Modem, Display, Processor, multimedia, complex peripherals, etc
• Subsystem level verification
o Expertise on setting up complete Testbench environment for complex Subsystems involving Modem, Networking, and High speed peripherals
o Expertise of working on Testbench with Processor and with Processor replaced using BFM.
o Expertise on Spec. to verification closure.
• Module(IP) Level Verification
o Expertise on Spec. to verification closure
o Expertise on complex module verification including Processor, High speed peripherals, Memory controller(DDR, Flash, etc)
• VIP Development
o Expertise on VIP development, Validation and deployment
o Proven expertise on complex protocols like AXI4.0, AXI ACE, AHB, PCIe Gen3, USB3.0, UFS, and SATA, etc